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Summer Reading Challenge
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Earlier today a friend of mine on Xanga pointed me towards this. It's a challenge someone on Blogspot is running, to read 28 books in 14 weeks.

Stupidly, I (being sullen_hearts) signed up.

And then I got lauratakeabow and chasingwords involved too.

So! 28books14weeks is the LJ comm for it!

Here are the rules:

1) Join the community
2) Gack the icons, but credit us/Ciara
3) You do not have to read 28 books in 14 weeks. What you do have to do is make a list.
4) Why not read all non-fiction or all poetry or all crime fiction?
5) Use the community for book reviews, posting your list, giving recommendations etc etc.
6) Reading starts tomorrow, June 1st and finishes at midnight local time on August 31st.
7) Enjoy!

The original challenge was only for women. Forget that. Everyone's welcome in my comm.

Although 28books14weeks is the name, you don't have to do that. Just make a list of things you'd like to read. Maybe you want to read all of Jane Austen. Maybe all of Andy McNabb. Just MAKE YOUR LIST, post it to the comm, and get reading!

Oh, and pimp the community! Cheers!